Maintenance work of carbide milling cutter

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When the axis line of the cemented carbide milling cutter coincides with the edge line of the workpiece or is close to the edge line of the workpiece, the situation will be very serious, and the operator should do related equipment maintenance work:

1. Check the power and rigidity of the machine tool to ensure that the required milling cutter diameter can be used on the machine tool.

2. The overhang of the tool on the spindle is as short as possible to reduce the influence of the milling cutter axis and the position of the workpiece on the impact load.

3. Use the correct pitch of the milling cutter suitable for the process to ensure that there are not too many blades meshing with the workpiece at the same time and cause vibration. On the other hand, ensure that there are enough blades and workpieces when milling narrow workpieces or milling cavities. Engagement.

4. Ensure that the feed rate per blade is used so that the correct cutting effect can be obtained when the chip is thick enough, thereby reducing tool wear. The use of positive front angle groove-shaped indexable insert, so as to obtain a smooth cutting effect and the lowest power.

5. Select the diameter of the milling cutter suitable for the width of the workpiece.

6. Select the correct main deflection angle.

7. Place the milling cutter correctly.

8. Use cutting fluid only when necessary.

9. Follow the rules of tool maintenance and repair and monitor tool wear.
Doing a good job in the maintenance of carbide milling cutter can prolong the service life of the tool and improve the work efficiency.