Types of reamers

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Most of the reamer structure consists of the working part and the shank. The working part mainly plays the function of cutting and calibration, and the diameter of calibration place is inverted taper. The shank is used to be clamped by a fixture, with a straight shank and a tapered shank.

Reamers can be divided into many kinds according to different uses, so there are many standards for reamers. Some of our commonly used standards include GB/T1131 hand reamers, GB/T1132 straight handle machine reamers, GB/T1139 straight handle Morse conical reamers, etc. Reamers are divided into hand reamers and machine reamers according to the way they are used. According to the reaming shape, it is divided into cylindrical reamers and conical reamers (standard cone reamers have two types: 1:50 taper pin reamers and Morse taper reamers). The direction of the chip groove of the reamer includes straight groove and spiral groove. The commonly used material is high speed steel. Carbide inserts.

Hand reamers are generally made of alloy tool steel (9SiCr), and machine reamers are made of high-speed steel (HSS). Machine reamers are divided into straight shank machine reamers and taper shank machine reamers.

Reamer precision has D4,H7,H8,H9 and other precision grades.

According to the shape of the reaming hole, it is divided into three types: cylindrical, conical and stepped;

There are two kinds of methods for mounting clip: with handle type and sleeve type;

According to the shape of the tooth groove straight groove and spiral groove two kinds.