Deep hole drilling has high machining accuracy and stable machining quality

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Deep hole drill (Deep Hole Drilling), also known as gun drill or gun hole drill, is a processing method for long hole processing. It is a special drilling process used to process straight holes with relatively large length and diameter in workpieces. It is usually used to manufacture automobile engine cylinders, bearing seats, and components in the aerospace field.

Deep hole drilling is a high-precision, high-efficiency, high-quality processing method, which can process long holes with a diameter of less than 10mm and a depth of more than 100mm. In the process of deep hole drilling, the cutting fluid enters the workpiece through the inner hole of the drill bit, cools the drill bit and the workpiece, and takes away the heat and chips generated by cutting. This cooling method can ensure the quality of the workpiece surface, reduce the consumption of cutting fluid, and improve the processing efficiency.

There are two main processing methods for deep hole drilling, namely, gun drilling and treasure drilling. The gun drill is to move the drill bit on the workpiece and feed the tool into the workpiece for processing. The treasure drill is to fix the workpiece on the machine tool and process the workpiece through the feed of the drill bit. Different processing methods are suitable for different workpiece shapes and processing requirements.

The processing precision of deep hole drill is high, and the processing quality is stable. It can adjust the speed and cooling effect of the cutting fluid by controlling the flow and pressure of the cutting fluid to achieve the best processing effect. In addition, the deep hole drill can also control the processing progress and cutting quality by changing the feed speed and rotation speed to adapt to different workpiece materials and shapes.

The application of deep hole drilling is very extensive. In the field of automobile manufacturing, deep-hole drills are widely used to process engine blocks and cylinder liners. In the aerospace field, it is used to process components such as turbine blades for aircraft engines and fuel nozzles for spacecraft. In addition, deep hole drilling is also widely used in the manufacture of bearings, molds, hydraulic components, medical equipment and other fields.

The development of deep hole drilling technology is of great significance to improve the quality of workpiece processing and production efficiency. With the continuous progress of industrial technology, the accuracy and stability of deep hole drilling equipment have been greatly improved, making deep hole drilling technology widely used in more fields. In the future, with the continuous development of material science, automation technology and processing technology, deep hole drilling technology will have more room for development and provide more possibilities for workpiece processing.